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Additional Services

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Early Bird

To add a little bit of excitement to the shopping experience, we plan to offer some early bird specials on selected products.

Price Matching

If  you find a regularly priced sex toy, by the same manufacturer and the same toy is for sale on XXXotics, send us the URL and we’ll make the adjustments.

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Sign up to be notified on the opportunity to pre-order new or limited edition sex toys. Pre-order opportunities  will be available on the FCFS basis.

Rain Check

If you come across a sale item that is sold out,  click the coupon button to get a rain check that you can use the next time you are shopping @

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Can’t find what you are looking for, even if it is NOT available for sale in our shop, pop us a note and we’ll see if we can use our connections to find it for you.


Feeling a little antsy about buying a big ticket item like a premium sex doll or you would prefer to finance the item, we will be offering an escrow service to help you get that set up.


For essentials such as lubricants or condoms that are consumed on a regular basis or sex toys that are in high demand, we’ll be offering them for sale as part of our subscription service.

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Lay Aways

On select sex toys, we will be offering a lay-away program so that you can make purchases in advance and according to your budget.

Recent Additions

Is a loner with a boner, lonely? Dissatisfied? Missing out? Not if we can help it…




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