XXXotics Policies

Establishing the Ground Rules




Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You’ve heard it all before:


We value your privacy.


In fact, you’ve heard and read it so many times, it no longer has any meaning.

Just another hackneyed and tired bromide that sounds good on paper, but means little in practice.

Except in the case of

And to prove we do in fact “value your privacy,” besides discreet packaging and using Elporia, Inc. (instead of as our shipping address, we don’t permit any pernicious or in-your-face advertising on our website and our use of cookies is limited to site performance metrics. After all, the ad-tech and gamification guys are the biggest offenders, tracking you on and offline, with or (more often than not) without your explicit consent, using obfuscated and hard to find, opt-outs instead of opt-ins.

We do not engage in that kind of anti-consumer behavior on

We have yet to set up the rewards program for XXXotics, but you can be sure that when we do, it will adhere to the same guidelines that we have established for our websites.

With that said, please consult our full Privacy Policy to learn how we handle your data and what steps you can take to lodge a complaint or seek redress.

Finally, please note: we never send unsolicited information, unless given permission to do so.



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